Welcome to the Zen Labs Fitness community! This wonderful community is composed of exercise newbies, seasoned experts, young, old, and people of all shapes and sizes. We all share the common goal of living a healthy and happy life! To ensure the Zen Labs Fitness community remains a helpful, fun, and friendly place for everyone, we have established the following site guidelines.

Zen Labs Fitness Community Guidelines

1. Do not attack/insult fellow members.

a) No hateful disparaging remarks please. You can respectfully disagree with the message or topic, but you cannot attack the messenger. This includes attacks against the user’s perceived  lack of knowledge, spelling or belittling a user for posting a duplicate topic. We are all here to learn and better ourselves, so please be respectful to everyone.

b) If you are attacked by another user, and you reciprocate, you will also be subject to the same consequences. Instead, please report the user, and we will handle it accordingly.

2. Do not Hi-Jack, Troll, Or Flame

Taking a thread off-topic is considered hi-jacking.  To “troll” is to intentionally post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with intent of provoking a response. To “flame” is to insult fellow members of the community.

3. No Promotion of Unsafe Weight-Loss Techniques

a) If we see posts that promote potentially unsafe or controversial weight loss products or techniques, including non-medically prescribed supplements or MLM products, will be removed without warning.

4. Show Respect to All Groups and Individuals

No derogatory references to sex, gender, age, weight, body-type, disability, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, or endorsement of violence against any person or group will be tolerated, and such posts will be removed immediately.

5. Do Not Publish Private Contact Information

For your safety, do not post personal information such as telephone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, chat or instant messenger IDs, etc.

6. Posts Must Abide By All Laws

a) Do not post messages that violate state, federal,, or local laws which include, but are not limited to, anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or is bound by NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

b) Posts which promote or encourage illegal activities, including, but not limited to, use of illegal substances, violence against others, and procurement of prescription drugs without a prescription, are prohibited.

7. Do Not Post the Same Topic on Multiple Boards or Groups

Please choose the most appropriate board for your post and post it only once. Please do not post the same message to multiple boards. However, inadvertently posting a question another member has asked before is NOT a violation but please use the search function to see if your specific question has already been asked.. If you see a member post a topic that you think has been asked before by another member, please kindly inform that member.

8. Multiple Accounts Are Not Allowed

Only one account per person is allowed. If you create an account for the purposes of deceiving other members or to work around a forum suspension, you  will be permanently banned from the site.

9. No public posting of private conversations with other members or with moderators

a) Do not publicly post an email or private message from any other forum user, moderator or administrator at any time.

a) Do not protest a moderator’s or admin’s action on the forums. If you have a question or concern about a moderator or admin action, please email one of the moderators or contactus@zenlabsllc.com with your concern and we will investigate the matter.

c) We have a zero tolerance policy regarding threats made to moderators and will result in an immediate ban from the site.

10. No Profane, Vulgar, Sexually Explicit or Illegal Images/Language

All images on the site, including all profile pictures and images posted in the forums, should be work-place friendly. While we reserve the right to remove any photo we feel is inappropriate. Here are some general guidelines to what is appropriate:

  • no nudity (use common sense, meaning just only covering your body parts with hands or objects still constitutes as nudity)
  • no underwear (thongs, g-strings, etc)
  • no excessive cleavage
  • no hateful or violent imagery
  • no images containing profanity or vulgarity

11. Violation of These Guidelines May Lead to Disciplinary Action

We reserve the right to delete posts and topics, to disable the posting privileges of any member, or to deny anyone use of our site at anytime, for any reason, at our discretion without warning or notice. Conversely, we reserve the right to dismiss a reported post if we find it does not violate a guideline.

12. No Advertising, Self-Promotion, or Fund-Raising

a) You may not post any links or mentions of other services, websites, or businesses from which you or an associate might benefit financially or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to; posts that contain links to offsite blog posts and social media. You also may not solicit off-Forum contact from which you might benefit, e.g. “message me for more info”, “I can get you free samples”, etc.

b) Requests or solicitations for donations are also not allowed. This includes requesting contributions to “pooled fund” competitions, requests for votes in any venue (online contests, etc.), and even requests for charitable contributions.

13. No Political Topics in the Main Forums

Political content is not allowed on the Main Forums. This includes images. Again please keep in mind that this forum is focused on health and fitness. We would like to keep true to this forum theme.

14. Please Post In English On The Main Forums

Because we need to ensure that our moderator team can properly understand and evaluate all posts, we request that all posts on the Main Forums are made in English.

15. Three Strikes and You Are Out

Again, the overall theme of this forum is to help one another, and to discuss all things fitness and health. Anything that jeopardizes the supportive atmosphere of this forum will not be taken lightly.. Any posts that violates this atmosphere may lead to consequences including warning, suspension of posting privileges, or removal of a user from the site. As a general practice (common to many forums), we will operate on a “three strikes” system. If moderators block you from 3 topics for any of the above reasons, you will be permanently banned from all of the Main Forums.

These guidelines are subject to change.

Thanks for making this the #1 health and happiness forum! The greatest wealth is health, namaste!

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