Feeling a little anxious and nervous about getting started on a running program? If so then you should consider the C25K running program. This program has been custom designed for those who are hoping to begin running but just don’t feel like they have a lot of confidence.

Whether this is because you’ve never ran a mile in your life, because you’re currently struggling with a high amount of excess body weight and feel as though running is just too hard, or because you’re getting older in years and just feel as though running may be a bit much for your body handle.

Regardless of where you currently are, the C25K program can help.

Let’s walk you through what this program is about and why it’s designed for individuals just like you.

It Eases You Into It

The very first reason to consider the C25K program is because it’s going to ease you into running very nicely. You won’t just start off and be expected to run for 20 minutes straight like some more advanced program offerings out there.

Instead, you will gradually build up your time as you go so that you never feel overwhelmed or like it’s becoming too much.

This makes you feel more in control over your program and like you can actually do this. That self-confidence boost is the single most important thing that many runners need in order to feel successful.

It Keeps Your Fitness Up Through Regular Walking

Moving along, the C25K program is nice because it will still significantly enhance your endurance level since you’ll be doing so much walking as well. It’s a walk/run combination program, so if you can only run for a few minutes at the beginning, you’ll still be reaping tremendous fitness benefits from the walking exercise you will still be doing.

This is good because as your fitness level improves, you’ll also notice that transitioning to the running becomes easier as well.

It’s a win-win as far as progress and fitness improvements go.

It Promotes A Good Recovery Rate

Moving along, next up you’ll find that the C25K program is ideal for promoting maximum recovery. It’s going to allow you to easily balance out your intense exercise time with sufficient rest and recovery time, which means you’ll never feel like you’re dragging when you hit the pavement.

Some runners, when first starting out, suffer from a ‘too much, too soon’ problem. They go so hard to start that before they know it, they’re burnt out and really feeling the stress of all that exercise training they’re doing.

With C25K, you can feel sure that you are getting proper recovery so this not only means you come back to each run feeling your strongest, but you’ll also avoid the risk of overuse injuries as well. When a running program is not balancing the stress of exercise with the rest and recovery you need, major problems will set in.

It’s Simple And Straightforward

Finally, the last thing to know and remember about the C25K program and why you should be considering it as the program to get you started to becoming a runner is the fact that it’s simple and straightforward.

This benefit cannot be stressed enough. Too many people put themselves on very intense and demanding programs – programs that are highly intricate and if you miss a day, the entire program is virtually thrown completely off track.

Do that and you aren’t going to be headed for success at all. In fact, you’ll be headed for disaster. If you choose the C25K, it works with your lifestyle. Anyone can complete it and adjust it to meet their usual scheduling needs, so there should be no issues with staying the course on your plan.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find a running program you enjoy. The biggest reason that runners fail to stick with it is simply because they lose interest in it. It’s not because they can’t do the program or because they are seriously lacking the time (assuming it’s a reasonable program of course).

It’s simply because they got bored and fell off the bandwagon. By finding a program – such as the C25K that works with any lifestyle, you can avoid this entirely and become one of those runners who never seems to falter and carries on making this a positive lifestyle change that will stick.

Have you tried C25K? What tips do you have for other runners that are new and trying it for their first time? What worked best for you? Share your tips, struggles, and stories in the comments below.

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