If you’ve been doing any research on fitness programs available, chances are good you’ve heard of P90X.  But, if you’ve never step foot in a gym before or haven’t been doing home workouts, there’s no question this one may be a little too intense for you at this point in time.

The solution?

Now there is a similar program called the P90 that is designed just for beginners and will act as a stepping stone to the full P90X program.  This program is based around similar concepts only utilizes shorter workouts, making it more doable for beginners.

You’ll also exercise at a slightly lower intensity level (but not too low that you won’t see results), making it more manageable.  It’s a program that will get you into shape all while enjoying the process – just what any beginner needs.

One thing that I found very beneficial about P90 is the fact that it shows you key strength and stability moves, which will help to build a good foundation of fitness, assisting in any future workout program you do.

It’s vital that you target this element of your fitness level as too many people try more intense programs without the foundation only to be met with frustration.

This program will walk you through three different phases that you’ll complete, each one building upon the last and getting slightly more intense.  By the time the 90 day period is up, you’ll then be ready to tackle P90X if you so choose.

Each workout in this program will last only 30 minutes, allowing you to get fit even if you’re short on time.   Perfect for busy people who want to exercise in the comfort of their own homes, you’ll also require only a few resistance bands to do the entire workout as well, both of which are included in the deluxe package.

The plan also comes with a full nutrition program, which will teach you how to eat right as you move through the workouts, being sure to see optimal results.  Since building proper eating habits is key for lasting weight loss success, this is a critical part of the program that I feel makes it a very wise choice.

If you’re ready to make a 90 day commitment that will lead to bigger and better things later on, this is a perfect foundational program that will get you to the finish line.

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