Have you tried to start running in the am only to find yourself hitting snooze every single time? Do you find yourself wondering how people can get up at 5 am to go for an early jog? It can be hard becoming a morning runner if you are not used to getting up early for a training session. However, if you are trying to start running in the am, then here are some helpful tips that will help you transition to being a morning runner.

9 Effective Ways to Start Running in the Am

1. Work Backwards

The first step is knowing what time you will need to wake up in order to go running in the am and get ready for your day without rushing, so work backwards. Figure out how long it will take for you to get ready and set your alarm that still gives you adequate time in the morning.

2. Go to Bed Earlier

Now that you know what time you need to wake up, start working on going to bed earlier so that you don’t lose out on sleep. Set an alarm as a reminder one hour before you go to bed so that you can turn off all electronics and start winding down.

3. Prepare Everything the Night Before

Part of your nightly routine should be preparing everything for the next day. This will not only help you sleep better knowing that everything is organised, but it will cut down on time in the morning.

This means laying out your workout clothes, choosing your work clothes and preparing lunches. By preparing what you need to get ready for the entire day, you will be able to train without that added stress of what you need to do after your run.

Figure out your morning run food scenario as well. Do you train fasted? If not, get a handful of nuts or a small banana ready so that you can quickly munch on it before running in the am.

4. Enlist in Help

If you have kids, can your partner take care of morning duties so you can fully focus on your workout? Can you take care of afternoon tasks while they do mornings from now on?

Even enlist in help to keep you motivated so that you don’t keep hitting snooze. Join a morning running club or get a workout buddy who also wants to start running in the am as well so you have someone to hold you accountable and vice versa.

5. Aim to Leave the House by a Certain Time

Now that you are up and out of bed, stop lounging around thinking about how much you would rather be back in bed. Aim to leave the house by a certain time so that you are efficient and prepared. Don’t waste time.

6. Find the Right Route

Find a place that will make you excited to go running in the am and feel inspired. Do you live near the beach or a nice lake? Go running by the water for example.

But if not, you don’t need water. Everything looks nicer in the sunrise so even a nearby park will have nice views.

7. Reward Yourself with a Nice Cup of Coffee

If you are still lacking in motivation to go running in the am, reward yourself afterwards. Think about how you can earn the cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning and how much better it will taste knowing that you have already exercised for the day.

8. Think About the Benefits

Another thing to keep in mind is the benefits of running in the am. Not only will you be able to tick your daily exercise off your to-do list and get it over and done with, but the health benefits of running will mean that you will have a clear head and decluttered mind for the day ahead.

Set the tone for the day and start it feeling refreshed and free of worries.

9. Remember It Gets Easier

At first, it will be hard getting out of bed and into your running shoes. But remember, it will get easier. Once you set a routine and stick to it, it will become like clockwork and you will become faster at getting ready.

And who knows? Eventually, you may even prefer running in the am and see it as an integral component of your day.

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What helps you stick to running in the am? Do you prefer morning runs? Or maybe you have tried it and like evening runs instead? Leave us a comment below, we would love to know!