Today I want to talk about something that I know all of you with very busy schedules will find quite interesting – the latest program out by Beach Body called the 10-Minute Trainer. 

One of the main obstacles for many of us, myself included, face is finding the time to workout. That is why this program really piqued my interest.  But I had to figure out: How effective is this program and more importantly, is it something that most people could stick with?

After closer inspection, I found out more details of what this program holds.  It’s based around a concept called the ‘Super Stacking Technique’, which is a way of multitasking during your workout so that you work more muscle groups at once.  This in essence then saves you time during the session itself.

Created by celebrity trainer Tony Horton, who many of you have definitely seen before, he does have the qualifications to back this approach.

Another thing I did like about this approach is that you only need a resistance band to perform the sessions, so it’s a very cost effective way to get fit for those who live in small spaces. You won’t need any large dumbbells or other pieces of equipment – these bands tuck right into a drawer.

The program is also designed to work your body from both a strength and cardiovascular point of view, so you’ll touch upon all elements of your fitness level.

The drawback?

Given that it is only 10 minutes long, for those who want fast weight loss results, it may not be enough total exercise time to really build a significant calorie deficit. Fortunately the plan does come with an eating plan, so if you follow this you’ll still be met with some success, but be aware that it may not be as fast as if you were say exercising for 30 or more minutes per day.

The good news however is the way this program is designed, you can easily stack three of the 10-Minute-Trainer sessions back to back if you wish, lengthening your total exercise duration.

So if you’re someone who wants to get in better shape with a minimal time and exercise equipment commitment, this is a great program to check out.  I wouldn’t advise it for a very advanced weight lifter who’s been hitting the gym for years, but for a beginner who wants to ease into fitness and see excellent results, it’s a great option.

If you are interested in this program, make sure to specify “Zen Labs” as your coach to receive the free bonus DVD! 

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