Today I’m here to talk about the one goal that almost every woman hitting the gym has – the firm booty.  Butts are in and everyone seems to want to improve theirs – tightening, toning, and giving theirs a rounded appearance.

If you want to look great in a pair of jeans, you need the workout to get you there.  Hitting the treadmill, bike, or even the Stairmaster isn’t going to do it. Building a better booty takes more than just fat loss through cardio training. You need to condition the muscles that make up the bum – the gluteus minimus, the gluteus maximus, and the gluteus medius. Hit these with targeted exercises and you’ll really be feeling the burn – and seeing the shaping taking place.

This is what the Brazil Butt Lift program is designed to do.  When I first saw it, it sparked my curiosity.  Couldn’t you receive the same results by just hitting the gym and doing lunges and squats?

I decided to try it out to see just for myself how well it worked.  And I can tell you, I was pleasantly surprised.  While there’s no question squats and lunges help, this program includes moves that will target your glutes like you’ve never felt before. Since you’ll hit them from such a wide variety of angles, this helps shock the muscles and bring you faster results.

I also liked that you only need a resistance band and a few light weights to complete the entire workout session, making it easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

Because of the nature of this program, you won’t build up the high area at all, but simply target just the backside of the body.

The only slight downside to this program is that since it is primarily designed to work the glute muscles, you will need to find another program to challenge the rest of your body (assuming of course you do want a full body workout program).

If you would name your hips, bum, or inner thighs as a problem area however, Brazil Butt Lift will address it head on.

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