Bored with crunches? This may be a solution for you.

One of the top goals of many gym-goers, beginners and advanced alike, is getting that coveted set of flat abs.  Whether you can just about see good definition or you have a long way to go, chances are good crunches are making their way into your approach.

Day after day. Crunch after crunch.

Sadly, this gets pretty boring fast.  Not only do you get mentally bored, but once boredom strikes, there’s a very good chance that not too long after, your muscles will be feeling quite bored as well.

Now there’s a solution. I recently came across a program called Hip Hop Abs that aims to help you slim down your middle without doing a single crunch.

Instead, Shaun T, creator of this program who also doubles as a fitness trainer and professional dancer, takes you through a series of hip hop dance moves that will all target your core.

The end results is a fast paced workout that burns fat, firms your abs, and has you having more fun with a workout than you’ve had in months.

I also liked that the program came with a nutrition program as I feel that is so important when it comes to getting a lean midsection. You can do all the exercise you want, but if your eating isn’t on track, it simply won’t pay off.

While this program does take some coordination, it’s still a great option for beginner exercisers who want to workout in the comfort of their own home.  It’ll get you moving, but in a fun way that won’t feel like exercise.

The only drawback is you won’t get as much direct work for your upper and lower body as you will as your core, so I would recommend that you do still maintain some other additional workout sessions for those muscle groups.

Put together with Hip Hop Abs, I’m quite confident you will be very pleased with the results that you see.

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