Racing season is almost here. What motivates you to lace up and hit the pavement? For many, it’s a cause close to their hearts.

From the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure to the Run 10 Feed 10, charity races are popping up all over the map due to their success. These events are a win-win for both race organizers and runners. They provide a great way to draw a large crowd for nonprofit fundraising, and the pull of doing something for the greater good encourages participation from runners who may never have attempted a half or full marathon otherwise.

Races like the New York City Marathon and Chicago Marathon support hundreds of charities each. When you sign up for a charity bib, the options feel endless. So how do you choose? The following questions can help guide your decision.

  1. Is there a friend you like running with? Latching on to their cause could provide you with a sense of team and morale that amplifies your goals.

  2. Is there a cause that’s close to your heart? Have you lost someone close to you or do you know anyone suffering from a disease? Keeping that person in mind and knowing that you could help fund research for a cure could provide you with the ultimate inspiration.

  3. Do you know what a particular charity really stands for? Pick a few different charities to research and see what stands out to you.

Make sure to land on something you feel truly passionate about. It’ll help you get out the door on days when the weather is less than ideal and it’ll help you rally to raise as much money as possible to donate.

Logging training miles can feel daunting, but keeping a cause in mind can provide you with extra motivation. Feel good about your accomplishments: both physical and charitable.

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