Wondering which supplements are truly effective and good for you? Which ones will deliver you the results you’re looking for and which will just disappoint?

It can be hard battling the supplement grounds as it seems like new products are coming out daily. But, if you stick with a few tried and tested options, you can feel confident that you are on the way to seeing optimal results.

Let’s look at the top ranked supplements and then at a few that you’ll want to steer clear of so that you know where to invest your hard-earned dollars.

Supplements That Will Get You Results


One of the best supplements to have in your pantry at all times is a quality whey protein powder. As protein is a vital ingredient for life – and for recovery from your intense workout sessions, it’s not something you’ll want to risk falling short in.

Protein powder is easy to use, portable and comes in a wide array of great tasting flavors. What more could you ask for?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one vitamin that you’ll need to get into place simply because it’s hard to get enough of it without supplementation.

Supplementing is a simple way to get the Vitamin D you need. Especially as it is found in only a few foods in the human diet.

Why is it critical? The reasons are too numerous to list, but to name a few, it helps:

  • With the manufacturing of testosterone
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • To build strong bone
  • Keep your mood positive and stable.


BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids, are a particular set of amino acids that play a key role in muscular energy and repair. Using these particular aminos before, during, and/or after exercise is a great way to jumpstart the recovery process and improve performance.

Plus, they may even help to reduce soreness that you experience after your workout session as well. Given the fact that most brands also taste great, it’ll give you added encouragement to meet your hydration needs as well.

Fish Oil

Finally, the last of the must-have supplements to get on your list is fish oil. Fish oil supplies the omega-3 fatty acids that most people are currently falling short in with their diet today.

This essential fat is necessary to support a healthy brain, to help combat heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is also imperative for reducing total body inflammation as well. In addition, it’s a mood booster and may help to lower your risk of depression.

One thing is for certain and that is that it’s one ingredient your diet can’t go without. Unless you feast on salmon daily (one of the best sources of omega-3’s), it’s time for a quality product.

Supplements to Avoid

Testosterone Boosters

Now we come to the not so great products out there. First up we have testosterone boosters. Don’t be mislead by false promises. It only sounds good in theory.

Most of the ingredients in them will do little more than boost your libido levels. They will not help you pack on pounds of lean muscle mass or get you leaner.

Carb Blockers

Another one to avoid is carb or fat blockers. These essentially claim to block the absorption of a particular nutrient in the body. While they may help prevent some of the absorption of the calories from these nutrients, note that it doesn’t come without consequences.

You may experience severe GI distress upon using these, such as by being greeted by a less than friendly case of diarrhoea.

Proprietary Blends

Finally, also avoid any products that list a proprietary blend on their label. This is basically the manufacturer’s way of covering up what they are putting into their product so for all you know, it could be loaded with filler ingredients.

Instead, opt for a product where it’s stated loud and clear exactly what you are putting into your body and how much. This will serve you far better in the long run.

So there you have the top ranked products to add to your protocol along with some of the ones that you’ll want to avoid. If you keep this in mind next time you’re supplement shopping, you can feel confident you’re making wise decisions. This way, you can make better choices and become a healthier you.

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