Congratulations, you’ve conquered the 5km run. Now, you want to take it to the next level and hit that big 1-0 milestone. It’s a great goal to have, and one that is very achievable, especially if you have a 5km to 10km running program on your side. A 5km to 10km training plan can help ease you into doubling the distance of your run in a simple yet efficient way.

Tips to Remember with Your 5km to 10km Running Program

Increase the Distance Gradually

The same way you would have steadily increased the distance from your couch to 5km, you need to do the same here. By easing your way into your 5km to 10km running plan, you will be able to adequately prepare your body for the longer run and reduce the risk of injuries.

Not will you build up your endurance but you will also be able to boost your confidence. It makes hitting that 10km finishing line much more achievable.

A good 5km to 10km running plan will include walk-run training sessions. This is where you begin with walking before slowly moving onto jogging and running. Having these walk-run intervals is an efficient way to ease yourself into it.

Include Rest Days

If you are following a good 5km to 10km training plan, rest days will be included. It is important to give your body the time it needs and deserves to recover.

If you skip these rest days, then you’re being too hard on your body, which can be detrimental to your progress. You may find that you will be sore for longer after a session, be more prone to injuries, and become too demotivated and fatigued to keep going.

Try to follow your program for 3 days a week, with alternating rest days scheduled in between to rest and recover.

Remember to:

  • Warm Up

It is vital that you warm up when following your 5km to 10km running program, or before any workout for that matter. Warming up gently prepares the body for your session by increasing the flow of blood to your muscles. Your joints will also gradually loosen up.

Skipping warm up will increase the risk of injury, especially as you will be straining the body.

Warm up stretches should be dynamic. To warm up for your 5km to 10km running plan, try to do a brisk walk for a few minutes just to get the heart pumping and body moving.

  • Cool Down

Just as warming up is crucial, cool down is just as important. This is the time where your heart rate will slowly return to normal and your breathing steadies.

After you finish your 5km to 10km training plan for the day, don’t immediately sit down. This will not help you recover at all. Instead, walk around for a bit to slow your heart rate down. The important thing is to keep your body moving while you recover.

  • Stretch

After you have cooled down, another tip to remember with your training plan is to make sure that you stretch. Stretch helps to loosen up your muscles and accelerates recovery time.

Prevent waking up the next day feeling stiff and sore by taking the time out to stretch after your run.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Days

A 5km to 10km training plan will have your exercises planned out to complete on a set day. However, this doesn’t mean that you are a failure if you cannot complete the workout of the day.

While a training program is so beneficial to help ease your way into hitting that 10km goal, it is a plan that should be followed within your limits.

If you find that you have to repeat a session a few times before you are able to get through it, then that is fine!

To repeat that cliched saying, it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

And in this case, it is absolutely true.

Establish a Goal

Most 5km to 10km running plans aim to get you to the 10km mark in an average of 4 weeks. However, keeping in mind our previous point, you may find it more motivating to set yourself a personal goal.

Instead of the 4 weeks, you may find that 6 weeks is more realistic for you. It doesn’t matter what the time frame goal is as long as you set one.

It will help your motivation by giving you something to work for by creating a sense of urgency. More importantly, it will also keep that finish line in sight.

Zen Labs Fitness has a 5km to 10km running program app that is designed to help get you to the 10km mark with a proven walk-run plan. With an audio coach guiding you every step of the day and a supportive community, you will build your endurance and confidence to get to that 10km milestone.