Tired of strict diets?  We have a solution for you.

If you’re currently looking for a diet plan to help you shed some extra weight, I’ve found a program I’d like to talk to you about today.

The biggest mistake I so often see people making as they approach their fat loss goals is using a highly restrictive program – a program that leaves them feeling miserable, suffering from food cravings, and basically handing their life over to their diet.

Their diet is so restrictive that it’s become nearly impossible to eat out with friends or pick up food no the go.

For most people, this just doesn’t work.  Let’s face it, life’s busy and you need a weight loss nutrition plan that works with you – not that holds you back.

This is why when I saw the Guide To Flexible Dieting, I was pretty excited.  This program is designed for those who don’t like being on a ridged diet and who want to learn how to customize their diet for their own needs.

Now, this program is not an actual diet. So if you want to be told what to eat and when, this book is not for you.

What this program is however is a game plan for how to ensure you never fall off another diet again.

This program first talks about the main reasons why people fail at their weight loss attempts so you can pinpoint where you may have been going wrong in the past.

Then, you will learn how to utilize the power of ‘free meals’ – basically a meal where you can eat anything you want to achieve better weight loss results.

For those times when you are attending a dinner out with friends, a holiday party, or just want to go for a date night indulgence with your significant other, you will really appreciate the free meal concept.

It also talks about the concept of a re-feed, which is very important for ongoing success. If you’ve ever hit a diet plateau before and stopped seeing all progress, chances are it was simply due to you needing a refeed. Most people don’t even know about this concept, but it’s one of the most powerful ones for fat loss success.

Finally, unlike most other diet programs that simply let you fend for yourself after you’ve finished the diet (as you pray you don’t suffer weight re-gain), this program will actually walk you through how to maintain your body weight without becoming a slave to calorie counting.  For those who want more freedom with their eating habits all while still maintaining a healthy body weight, this plan will help take you there.

So if you are someone who’s struggled in the past with diets as I know many of you have, I’d strongly consider this book.  While not a diet plan in itself, I consider it a must-read for anyone who has trouble sticking to diets and wants more flexibility with their eating plan.

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