With the New Year on the way, you might have set a resolution or two that involves your fitness program. Whether this is the year you are finally going to shed those last 10 pounds, the year you are going to revamp your body, completing a transformation by gaining another 10-15 pounds of lean muscle mass, or simply the year you finally take control over your health, you need a game plan.

Let’s face the facts. Most people do not stick with their New Years resolution. In fact, most fall off the bandwagon sometime into late January or early February. They don’t even make it a quarter of the year.

If you can relate, you need to figure out what you can do this year so that it doesn’t become a repeat of years past.

Fortunately, with the following fitness motivation tips, you can stay the course and reach that goal you’ve set for yourself.

Here are five things to consider.

Buddy Up

First, consider buddying up. Everything is more fun when you have a partner by your side and fitness is no different.  Try and find a friend, co-worker, or family member who also has set some sort of fitness resolution and work at it together.

Be each other’s support system and you’ll always have someone to turn to during those challenging times.

Get On A Challenge

Speaking of a challenge, that’s another great way to stay motivated and committed to the workout that you’re doing.

Find a challenge such as the 200 Squats Challenge, the 20 Pull-Ups Challenge, or the 100 Push-Ups Challenge and have at it. Do whatever interests you the most.

Having a structured protocol like this can help give you additional motivation as everything will be laid out and ready for you. All you need to do is follow through and wait for results to come your way.

If you aren’t a strength training individual, it might be setting your sights on a 10km or half marathon event. Having that deadline looming of the event date may just put a little fire under your training and get you out onto the road more often.

In that case, try the 10K Trainer or the Half Marathon Trainer, both of which will guide you every step of the way.

Set Mini Goals

It’s also very important that you make sure that you set some mini goals as you strive to reach that long term goal. One big reason why many people fall off the bandwagon is simply because the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is too far away. All they see is darkness.

Short term goals act as small candles along the path to that large light you’re after.  With each one you blow out, you’ll gain a boost to your self-confidence that you can achieve success if you keep focused and persist.

Make sure these short term goals aren’t too challenging either. Set a few that are quite easily achievable with just a bit of effort on your part. This way, you’ll be more motivated to go after them.

When something takes what feels like a colossal effort to achieve, it’s harder to work up the drive to even get going.

Ensure You Have The Right Resources

It’ll also be very critical that you ensure you have the right resources to move forward. For instance, if you need help from a personal trainer, don’t be afraid to ask.

If you need more time in your schedule to get your workouts in, start delegating tasks or saying no to things you really don’t need to take on.

If you don’t stand a chance of reaching your goal from the start because of reasons like these, you are never going to see the success you’re after.

Re-Evaluate Your Goals Often

Finally, be sure that you are re-evaluating your goals that you’ve set regularly. Life changes and so does what you want with it.  If you are no longer interested in that long term goal, change it.

Otherwise, you will lose interest. Be sure that every goal you set is fully applicable to exactly what you want during this time.

So there you have some quick tips to help you stay consistent and reach those New Year’s resolutions.  What resolutions did you set this year that you’re working hard to reach? Do you have any strategies in place to ensure you don’t fall off the bandwagon?