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    Q "Help! Where do I start?"
    A Join our forums to find answers and help! There's a useful "Start here!" forum where you can begin your journey.
    Q “How do I join this community?”
    A We have an amazing community on Facebook/Twitter! Like/Follow us on those platforms, or join the forums and you’re in!
    Q “How can Zen Labs Fitness help me reach my fitness goals?”
    A We offer an extensive suite of fitness apps, check out our other apps to see which app is the one for you! Visit our Facebook community or the forums to speak with other veterans and fellow community members to get help on getting started!
    Q “What equipment do I need to start?”
    A All you need is an iOS or Android device. Just download our apps and press “start”! It’s as easy as that.
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The Importance of Cross Training for Runners

The Importance of Cross Training for Runners

Runners tend to stick to running while yogis keep to yoga, and the list goes on. Sound familiar? However, the importance of cross training has become much more evident. Cross training has been shown to benefit runners and other athletes. …

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