After your workout is over, is it really over? What you eat after your session can really make a difference in enhancing your hard work and effort while simultaneously aiding in recovery. This is especially important if you have just completed a longer training session, such as 10k run. So don’t undermine your hard efforts by not properly feeding your body the nutrition and fuel it needs by knowing what to eat after a 10k run.

Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in your body, which is why you will find that your body craves carbs after a long running session; it needs to replace the used-up glycogen from your training. Protein is also an important source of fuel to assist in muscle recovery, especially after they’ve taken a beating. A general rule to remember when knowing what to eat after a 10k run is that you should consume 3 grams of carbs to 1 gram of protein.

Wondering what to eat after a 10k run? Refuel your body with these 6 best foods to munch on.

1. Chocolate Milk

Yes, you’ve heard that right, chocolate milk is on the list. It not only meets the 3:1 carbohydrates to protein ratio and helps with rehydration but it is also jam packed with calcium which helps with bone health. Knowing that this post-recovery drink is the epitome of the optimal carb to protein ratio makes it taste even better than usual.

2. Plain Greek Yogurt

The key here is to eat plain Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt. The difference between the two is that the liquid whey is drained from the Greek version. This makes for a thicker and creamier alternative. Not only is it healthy for your gut and immune system because it contains probiotics but it has double the amount of protein than regular yogurt so you get twice the benefits.

3. Fruit

The best fruits to look for when knowing what to eat after a 10k run are bananas and berries. Bananas are high on the glycemic index. On the other hand, berries contain many antioxidants and vitamin C that will enhance your muscle repairment.

However, fruits can be quite fibrous meaning that it can take longer to digest. To help break down the fruit faster, a great idea on what to eat after a 10k run is by making a fruit smoothie with Greek yogurt.

It’ll help to rehydrate you and assist in digestion, meaning that you will reap the benefits that much faster.

4. Peanut Butter Toast

Peanut butter helps with the protein part of the best post-recovery foods with 8 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbs in 2 tablespoons. It also contains healthy monounsaturated fats which will maximize muscle recovery. Paired with other carb-loaded foods such as a banana or whole grain toast, it makes for a powerful, delicious pairing.

5. Eggs

If you want to know what to eat after a 10k run, you can’t go wrong with eggs. It contains all eight amino acids that will help absorb and digest the high protein content (6 grams in one whole egg) and optimize muscle recovery.

While it is also vitamin rich, bear in mind that eggs are low carb so make an egg omelette and have it on toast or with some fruit to increase your carb intake, especially after that long run.

6. Sweet Potatoes

A great source of carbohydrates is sweet potatoes. A medium sized sweet potato contains approximately 26 grams of carbs and 4 grams of dietary fiber.

This complex carb helps to restore muscle glycogen levels while also aiding in recovery. It helps with hunger and appetite control as it is efficient in maintaining satiety. Compared to a normal potato, it is on the low-glycemic index meaning that you will stay fuller for longer.

You can boil, roast, grill or even microwave sweet potatoes. Alternatively, turning them into sweet potato fries is a great and delicious way to refuel after a long run.

By knowing what to eat after a 10k run, you can enrich your workouts and maximize the hard work and effort that you put into your session. To get started, use some of these suggestions in this article to replenish your energy faster. If you want to mix things up as well, then just remember and apply the general rule that the best post-recovery foods should embody the 3:1 carb/protein ratio.

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Do you have any more suggestions on what to eat after a 10k run? Let us know in the comments below!