iOS App Crashing in Background

iOS will shut down apps in the background for a number of reasons. Please check the following settings to prevent this.

– Please make sure Background App Refresh is enabled for the app. You can find it under device Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh switch. Both Wi-Fi & Cellular Data should be on and our app should be toggled on for permission.
– Please make sure the device is not in Low Power mode from device Settings -> Battery.
– Please make sure Location Services is both turned on and “Always” is enabled under device Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Our App. This must be enabled for iOS to keep our app alive in the background and for tracking map routes, calories, steps, and distance.

Most importantly, running too many apps in the background runs the risk of iOS shutting down any apps. We highly recommend having our app in the foreground to prevent this. Answering phone calls or using iMessage may also cause closing random apps in the background.

Our app has a lock feature, but please make sure iOS settings will not automatically lock your device during your workout.
Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Auto-Lock -> Never

Doing this will allow you to focus on running uninterrupted. Now let’s gets running!

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