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I would like a refund

Please first email us (contactus@zenlabsfitness.com) and our support team can help assist you with any issues that you’re having! We...
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iOS Accuracy

At the moment in the iOS apps, users can’t set their stride length because the measured values are returned by...
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Motivational Alarm

We currently don’t have custom alarms set up. However, if the app detects you haven’t been active for a couple...
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Fitbit First Start

This is a bug with how Fitbit’s OS handles installation. It should only affect the 1st app launch. It should...
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Fitbit Compatibility

No. We specifically stated it’s only available on Fitbit Ionic and Versa Smart Watches only.
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Apple Watch Stand Alone

We recommend using at least Apple Watch series 3 which is the first Apple Watch to support stand-alone. Apple Watch...
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