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Apple Watch Stand Alone

We recommend using at least Apple Watch series 3 which is the first Apple Watch to support stand-alone. Apple Watch...
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How do I use Apple Watch?

Try to go to the app on your watch. When you select your workout on your phone, the timer on...
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Sync Fitbit

Currently the c25k app on Fitbit is a standalone app, and cannot be synced with our separate mobile apps.
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Restoring Purchase (Android)

Please make sure you’re using the same ID as the original purchase. Google handles the entire purchase process, and you...
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Family Sharing

Please check this link for help on family sharing https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201088
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Restoring Purchase (IOS)

Are you still using the same Apple ID as before? Your purchases are tied with your Apple ID. If you...
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